VeChain (VEN) and People’s Bank of China Rumors

With the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) announcing that they are working towards standardizing QR-code payments, along with rumors of Alibaba’s Alipay working with VeChain as the backbone of their online payment systems, a lot of gossip is swirling around VeChain’s future. People are excited over it’s possible uses to combat counterfeit goods which would have huge possibilities in China given the massive difficulty they have combating that problem.

There is no hard information yet, but since VEN is currently rolling out to Japanese ATMs, the future is bright for VEN. However, if you are hedging your bets as to the future of Chinese cryptocurrency, then WaltonCoin (WTC) is another possibility and checks a lot of the same boxes.

This is all still very early, so keep an eye on this space as this story develops.


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